Once a death notice is published on our website Deathnotices.co it is automatically forwarded and published to one of our selected 33 Facebook pages, which reports every death that occurs in Ireland, both North and South.

Facebook has proved to be an incredibly successful platform for ‘Death Notices’, with over 200,000+ followers and growing since our service was launched in January, 2017. The social media channel is a very unique, simple and effective platform that allows followers to be kept fully informed about the death of a loved one, relative, friend or acquaintance in any County within Ireland, whether living locally, living abroad as part of the Irish Diaspora or through having an interest in, or a connection to that County.

The key to Death Notices’ popularity lies in its pure simplicity. By following one of the 33-Facebook pages, a user will be informed on their newsfeed if someone dies within that County. If the follower knows them they can then click on the link to see the notice and leave a condolence in the comments section if they so wish for the family to see it later. They also have the option of sharing the notice amongst their friends. If the follower chooses not to interact with the post, it will simply disappear down the order of their news-feed.